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Program: Yinz Good?

Mental Health Talk for PA Builders

Yinz Good? is a mental health initiative founded by the Constructors Association of Western PA (CAWP) and the Master Builders’ Association of Western PA (MBA). Get more info.

With the help of a few mental health and wellness experts and construction industry partners, Yinz Good? offers a digital library of free materials to assist in strengthening mental health and wellness in our industry. Let’s get the conversation started by asking one simple question: “Yinz Good?”

It’s not always easy to talk about mental health – especially in the construction industry. Consider this your place to start. Yinz Good? hopes to serve as your introduction to healthier wellness conversations in the construction industry.

We believe safety must be a holistic approach, from the protective gear we wear on the job to the energy of the environment we work in. It’s well past time we work together on supporting all needs within our industry. And that starts with the mental health of each construction industry worker.

An extensive digital library available on https://yinzgood.com/ offers regularly updated resources on mental health topics important to the construction industry. It includes videos, self-assessments, downloadable content, infographics, checklists, articles, and more, so there’s something for everyone available.

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