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Program: NSC Mental Health Calculator

Calculate to Elevate: NSC’s Tool for Tracking and Improving Mental Wellness!

In the construction industry, safeguarding the mental health and wellbeing of workers is essential for promoting a thriving and resilient workforce. To support this endeavor, construction companies can leverage the National Safety Committee’s (NSC) Mental Health Employer Cost Calculator. This invaluable tool equips employers with the means to quantify the financial impact of mental health challenges, implement evidence-based strategies, and prioritize worker mental health and wellbeing. By harnessing the potential of the NSC Mental Health Calculator, construction jobsites can cultivate a culture of care, resilience, and enhanced mental health for their workforce.

Quantify the Financial Impact:
The NSC Mental Health Calculator empowers construction companies to gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial implications associated with mental health issues within their workforce. By inputting relevant data such as the size of the employee base, industry sector, and geographical location, employers can obtain accurate cost analyses tailored to their specific context. This quantification enables decision-makers to grasp the economic burden resulting from untreated mental health challenges, providing compelling evidence for investing in targeted mental health initiatives.

Drive Implementation Tactics:
a) Resource Allocation: The NSC Mental Health Calculator serves as a guiding tool for construction companies to allocate resources effectively. By identifying areas where mental health initiatives can have the most significant impact, employers can direct investments towards evidence-based programs and support services. This strategic approach ensures that available resources are channeled into initiatives that directly address the mental health needs of workers.

b) Tailored Intervention Strategies: The NSC Mental Health Calculator assists employers in developing targeted intervention strategies by considering the unique circumstances of their construction jobsite. By analyzing the cost data and understanding the specific mental health challenges faced by workers, companies can design and implement initiatives that address these issues directly. This tailored approach increases the likelihood of positive outcomes and improved worker mental health and wellbeing.

Promote Organizational Support and Culture:
a) Leadership Engagement: The NSC Mental Health Calculator encourages construction company leaders to prioritize mental health by providing them with tangible data on the financial implications of unaddressed mental health challenges. By engaging leaders and fostering their commitment to mental health, organizations can create a supportive culture that permeates throughout the jobsite. This visible support from leadership enhances worker trust and encourages employees to seek help when needed.
b) Education and Training: Utilizing the NSC Mental Health Calculator opens opportunities for construction companies to implement education and training programs that promote mental health literacy among workers and supervisors. By equipping employees with the knowledge and skills to identify signs of mental distress and offering guidance on appropriate interventions, organizations can create a jobsite environment that fosters early intervention and support.


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